“Dragons are UNITED!”


In November 2013, Massachusetts students performed songs from The Dragons Are Singing Tonight at a community-building K-8 assembly. Each grade represented a dragon from a different culture and sang a song from the musical. The faculty, staff, and administration, representing three additional dragons, also sang a Dragons song, and the entire community sang the finale, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight. All were welcomed to “K-8’s DRAGON REALM, where we are ALL DIFFERENT, AND UNITED.”

2-IMG_50804th and 5th graders sang I Am Boom!




1st graders decorated the room with dragon illustrations.

9-IMG_25462nd graders sang I Am My Master’s Dragon.

10-IMG_25536th graders sang Nasty Little Dragonsong.

THE DRAGONS ARE SINGING TONIGHT by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Peter Sís. Text copyright © 1993 by Jack Prelutsky. Used by permission of HarperCollins Children’s Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers. All Rights Reserved.
Music copyright © 2005 by Laurie MacGregor. All Rights Reserved.

Photos by Kristin Corbin and Laurie MacGregor