The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, Integrated Curriculum

Dragons are found in art, literature, and folklore around the world. Some cultures honor the dragon as benevolent, while others
view it as an evil beast. Wherever and however they appear, these legendary creatures are fascinating to children and adults alike.

Listen to I Have a Dozen Dragons:


A book, a song cycle, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight is also an integrated program of study that may permeate an entire school while students prepare for a
musical production. The universal theme of dragons provides opportunities for study and exploration across the curriculum – in language arts, social studies, and art.

Art teachers and classroom teachers may guide students in a vast array of art projects. As mythical creatures appearing in the traditions
of many countries, dragons are depicted in innumerable forms. There are as many different kinds of dragons as there are children and
who imagine them.

Classroom teachers may examine the rich vocabulary in The Dragons Are Singing Tonight. Mr. Prelutsky’s poems remain accessible and
kid-friendly while introducing words like preposterous, disparage, pallid, derision, obeisance, cacophonous, exploit, and disconsolate.

Classroom teachers may incorporate dragons into social studies units on Asian cultures and the Middle Ages.

Media specialists may display chapter books and picture books about dragons in school libraries, and encourage children to read them.

Dragon art by New Hampshire, Vermont, and Minnesota kids, under the guidance of art teachers, classroom teachers, and puppet artists
T-shirt design by Ellen Haun and Robin Henry
Dragon stencil designs for t-shirts by New Hampshire kids
Dragon drawing by Victoria Isquith
Slideshow photos by John Ragonese, Julie Steiner, Corina Miller, Markell Kiefer, and Laurie MacGregor

THE DRAGONS ARE SINGING TONIGHT and I Have a Dozen Dragons by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Peter Sís. Text copyright © 1993 by Jack Prelutsky.
Used by permission of HarperCollins Children’s Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers. All Rights Reserved.
Music copyright © 2005 by Laurie MacGregor. All Rights Reserved.

I Have a Dozen Dragons from the TigerLion Arts 2012 production of The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, performed by Isabella Dawis and the Minnesota Boychoir;
Julie Johnson, flute; Doug Haining, alto sax; Elena Orsak, violin; Todd Price, piano; Michael Gold, string bass; Nathan Norman, drums; Randy Martens, percussion;
Kylan Duff, percussion; Laurie MacGregor, conductor